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In partnership with Halton Regional Police, the coalition aims to
deliver 3 spot check clinics per year. Police set up at a designated location, slow down traffic (similar to a R.I.D.E. check) and direct
drivers travelling with young children into a ‘quick check area’ to
have their child seat(s) inspected. 
The goal of these clinics is
education not enforcement.



– is a designated area, located ‘off of a major road’, where a 5-point quick
car seat inspection can be safely and quickly completed by qualified staff

– it is NOT a full car seat inspection

5-points checked (in accordance with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act):

  • Is the child in an appropriate child seat for their age, weight, height, etc.?

  • Is the child seat Canadian?

  • Is the child seat attached properly to the vehicle [by seat belt or universal anchorage system (UAS)]?

If it is a forward-facing harnessed child seat, is the top tether strap attached?

  • Are the harness straps in good condition and the chest clip at armpit level?

  • Do all harnesses, straps and buckles designed to secure the child in the seat appear properly adjusted and secure?

- if all 5-points are answered ‘yes’, the driver is advised they have ‘passed’
and are free to leave

- if one or more of the 5-points answered are ‘no’ the driver is advised
that they are not in compliance with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and
could receive a $240 fine and 2 demerit points on their licence if the offense
is not corrected.


The Clinic

– a free car seat clinic is run onsite for drivers to get assistance from
a certified car seat technician in correcting their errors

– a full car seat inspection is completed and the driver/caregiver is educated
on how to properly restrain their child(ren)

– resources are provided and arrangements are made for further follow-up
if required


Upcoming Spot Check Clinics:




2019 Spot Check Stats:


Halton Hills – 72 % fail rate | Georgetown – 61% fail rate 










For more information
on car seat safety or
to view some helpful installation videos
click here.



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